Kassette Kulture #11 - David Payne / Panagiotis Spoulos Split C30

Side one, by David Payne (fossils) is full of wobbling echoes, clattering mouthwash aesthetics and the wet creaks of cylindrical spillage. Somebody’s rifling through drawers, shifting junk around, occasionally soaking it all in echo and fx’s blurs, like a pig rolling in sonic mud, sticky ripples working out from the epicentre all distended. Similar to Hal Rammel’s electro-acoustic work, this leaves tactile shadows pleasantly knocking around my skull for ages.

Panagiotis’s side is guitar string shimmer, hovering multiples falling over each other in echoed exposures. Twilight bird abstracts brought into focus with the jangle of the pick-ups, high end chimes that have a vague Javanese flavour. Light, blues-like touches, subtly transfer into a sketched minimalism of riffage and hard-edged spurring, effectively switching the perspective towards some mutant Bollywood soundtrack (easy on the chillies) ending abruptly in jack plug crackle...

...lovely stuff