Kassette Kulture #13 - Kommissar Hjuler / Mamma Baer - Tanzprocesz-Sicherungskopie

This new cassette from Tanzprocesz is just insane - a mesmerizing catalogue of electro-acoustic mouth marring and dribbling vocal garlands - weep / hic-cup / choke / semi lullaby / whip crack yelps and who knows what else. Sort of like an extreme avant-soap-opera, oozing with brilliant clashes of toy texture and mis-rhythmic back wash plus the odd squeaky plastic duck.

This stuff breezes through you with lunatic ease, one side comical the other verging on the psychotic. A recommended listen, with plenty of hilariously scary and truly inspired moments during its 60 odd minutes. Brings to mind early Nurse, Meredith Monk, Patty Waters, Galas, and a whole string of other luminaries that haven’t even been born yet. Guessing their record collection is littered with equal oddness... the duos art definitely follows that strange furrow they are ploughing musically... Especially loving that brutish scrawl of Mama Baer’s output… plenty of raw meat and jagged edges to excite your imagination… The world needs more people like this in it I can tell you!

While you are at it, why not taste that domestic death purr of Kommisser Hjuler’s vacuum cleaner on this U-Tubie moment... As I said, inspired...