Do you Love Me?

Really enjoyed last night’s Nick Cave night over on BBC4, can’t remember the last time music TV got me this worked up. Great to see him back on form, looming across the stage, a hybrid of his old/new self - all cadaver gesturing, like a crooked caricature. Revelling in churning the sounds n lyrics up, lunging at the darkness from different angles, thankfully lite on that rose tinted balladry. I swear there was a moment in the 90’s I thought he’d lost his way completely.

I remember Giles getting me The Boatman’s for a birthday pressie.. and man, I couldn’t bear it at all! Honestly, it was like a betrayal... funnily enough, I’ve developed a real taste for this stuff as age is a creeping on... he’s such a great songwriter, showman... even if he refused repeated requests for The Carny...