Friday, July 25, 2008

Kassette Kulture # 16 : The Space Goats - Inamorata and other tales

Remember seeing this lot in the streets of Portobello back in the early 90’s, jamming their hearts out in true troubadour stylee - a yob suitably blinged up, shouts 'get some proper tunes' from the sidelines... the band plays on regardless, burning up on that Mother Gong vibe... infectious, utterly ridiculous but strangely enticing... the type of thing that made me want to learn mandolin, which of course I never did...

...get on over to the archive and have a listen...

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Bevis Friend said...

I was having a really severe case of strawberry headfuck when The Orb came on with their Air Raid sirens, sheet lightning and "It all went weird again" forcing me to scarper into the next field where I heard the most incredible sounds wafting out over the fields.I've wanted a hammer dulcimer ever since and I'd play mine with a pair of the finest hot-knives that a blim could grace too"
These guys saved my trip and my pants from a bit of a nightmare.I was tripping so badly I kept falling over my own arms ?
I bought this tape but alas no longer own it's wonderfulness.
Gimmie Gimmie... Pleeeeeease !! :)