Wednesday, September 03, 2008

White Hills - Glitter Glamour Atrocity

Well Glitter Glamour Atrocity is a gem of an album, straddling space psych, rock riffage and drone entrenched sample-delica with ease. That insistent drum beat nailing your attention, those solid guitars and sleek vocal fruits curling your ear... There’s too much to love about this release, the re-sampling of Bush as terrorist/bumbling antichrist brought about a satisfying grin... there’s even a hauntingly beautiful acoustic lilt in there too...

Love the boot camp rock of Passage, with its zombie chorus sounding like a bunch of hypnotized bunnies off to the slaughter - A nice comment on military leadership, in whiny guitar, and a Cylon vox aptly devoid of humanity.

The journey ends with a 14min coaster ride of Circle(ish) proportions, maybe not as flesh shearing as I’m accustomed to, but still packs quite a punch never the less. Those Goblin-like whispers itching your subconscious, as a meaty bass skuzz and drum combo opens out to a Heads type freak out, all fringed in suitable amount of space twirl and pre-recorded stitching. Extra fuzzy guitar etch-a-sketch, stirring it all up with extra spice coming across like a scratched news reel that suddenly burns out from the centre making an oasis for a calm and reflective fade out.

Blatantly anti war, Whitehills have successfully avoided all those preaching clichés to give us a satisfying listen that has a depth that lingers even after numerous replays. A thrill packed 50mins and fabulous neon artwork to boot...

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