Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reverse Mouth - Pearl Hidden in PigSlot

This new EP from Pan and Sofia is all slivers of guitar curling round a leaky reactor, as if Delia Derbyshire were there, bleeding out unreality and spitting elastic nightmares... A blur of distorted /filthy mirrors and awkward arabesques that shifts your head in and out of focus, as if it were party blancmange.

Seriously haunted, this two-tracker is a possession of strange shapes and broken apparitions that crawl out from under its high end pulses and engorged feedback… Seven minutes in, a crippled tune surfaces on the back of an oscillating jellyfish, thumb struck strings chewing over it’s trails, an intense soup of pure sonic evol.

The second track ups the anti, taking the motifs of the first on a fairground ride of destructive impulses, slowly strangling it with perverse pleasure...

You’ve really got to listen to this loud, fill up all available space, the optimum position to let yourself be taken hostage by its sheer darkened majesty and propelled collapse. If this is a taster of ReverseMouth’s next studio venture, then I’m definitely signing up for more...

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