throuRoof - Whale Bones

certainly have proven to be masters of psych-ambient, peppering their vibes through numerous small labels, even embarking on a few flirtations with free culture. Always creating waves that seem to hit the mark, these two lengthy excursions on Whale Bones certainly continue that trend... sounds that pulse deep inside; a slow soak for the psyche which entwines itself round every exhale…putting a tangible voice to emotional abstracts.

The first track Humpback Cemetery Blues – is a rumbling drone with aquatic bubbling and heavy kelp-like imperfections, caught in an oceanic swell…A thrashing stick breaks over the drone's back, a shamanic trance flowing through rotten synth nets, spotted with blowhole textures… curdling over in mausoleum-esque contours and breaking off into warm finger fed eddies… Hard edged piano lines flow in like harpoons, all Marie Celeste, departed, hollowed, then falling in delayed blurs… Like nibbling teeth, transposed to smashed keyboard thuds that dribble back through infinity.

Track two, Sing the Last Dream is like a slow path to extinction, the composites of a rolling drone slowly retracted until a sole strand is left teetering on the brink of oblivion. A flat lined chord that is resuscitated just in time, bathed in a wash of violin tears. Fx smears mimicking the ghosts of whale song, trapped in some majestic sweeps and fading out in the fringes of rippling water...

It's almost criminal that this release is limited to only 100 copies...