Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Always thought Vangelis was all neo-classical synthetics typified by that cheesy 'Chariots of Fire' anthem. Too steeped in mock orchestral shenanigans to be remotely interesting- although the Blade-runner sound track was slightly redeeming... Until, I stumbled upon this in the local charity shop... That expensive, 70’s chocolate box velor of the cover catching my curiosity, plus the mind-bending fifty pence price tag...

...Well, talk about a contrast to expectation.. turns out to be bloody fabulous! Choked full of circuit wiggling Stockhausen type tomfoolery, jumping abstraction and arrhythmic kernels, all floating along on the merest suggestion of tune... Was half expecting Thighpaulsandra to burst into song... those plunging sine waves and warped modulations are so so creamy... I won’t be drifting past Vangelis anymore... Now where's my pipe n slippers?

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