Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Rambutan - Fallen Smoke mini CDr

This is a newish release over at abandon ship records from Eric Hardiman aka Rambutan. Recorded completely live, it’s an impressive muffle free document capturing that evening’s magic. Essentially one long track, it’s has a lovely spectral vibe, the type that just melts inside your head and successfully erases any complications that might dwell there, blurring reality way passed its twenty odd minutes…

The sounds here are like a circling ivory cage filled with operatic smears and vaseline wiped perspectives. Samples float around like the glutinous specks trapped in your eyes, their trails are wet tissue paper bleeding out the semi vivid. Ethereal antennas transacted in spooky laughter, mutated over the itchy undertow in a measured inquisition. Insistent loops burnishing time, the over spill dripping to the floor in octo-plasmic splashes of blue and copper…

Thirteen minutes in and suddenly everything cuts to a violin drone bracketed by metallic nerve endings. This slowly opens up to tinny keyboards and a lush hammer dulcimer ride, stretching back in time like ancient telepathy.

Yet another quality release for Abandon Ship.

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