Collapsing Astral Spheres - Joey Chainsaw

Textures here are exquisite, as if stolen from an alternate universe, common instruments like keyboard or guitar are baked in an arcane detachment, enhanced by the lo-fi dicto-phonics and soupy effects … strange sub-currents that are kitten mauled, pock marked in saliva and teeth ,or screaming from under a winter coat of dead insects. This is real psychical mu-sick the likes of which Neubaten would have still been creating if Blixa wasn’t so smitten by the melodic… the stuff that implants your brain down fetid tunnels, or traps you in a darkened basement, getting your imagination to prey on itself. Anxiety baited and wide eyed, your breath reduced to a frost soaked spiral of dread - Noise music that embodies a strong psychic connection, making art-forms from your neurosis … something to collapse into, or be buried by. Available soon over at disappearance records.