Somebody's Gotta Lose - Fossils from the Sun

Frazzled edged guitar full of slow burning horizons, frayed and fuzzy riffs mutating... Slow evolutions coming across like a piper’s lament, but with more friction / swooping ...burring in sustain, like wire skyscrapers wavering round a puppet master's hands... Gathering and nitric, marvellous stuff that glows with an energy you can literally taste with your eyes...

Suddenly, a whooping cough is pulled across, looped/warbled, becoming vocal barrels rolling down the distant cobbles... then 10-11mins in, it’s cut to muted electro-acoustic two stroke riddled in fx diversions. This is gathered into vocals that are thrown across in successive echoes, falling about in delayed shadow fights. A delirium, full of warped signatures and sticky botox leakage. Delicious shivers sliding between dimensions, then settling for this one with a gentle humming.