Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Patriotic Window Klings

This album’s all over the place… reeks of pure whacked genius… sketchbook electronics stitched to effect driven guitar fancies… each track having its own flavour, some tracks giving out the sensation that’s achieved when you chew too many flavoured jelly beans at once, your brain desperately trying to get a grip of the fx blurred combinations. The sounds here are really animated, sometimes comic, winging around yr head in strange and exciting tangents, the electronics snagging the guitars, eking out an array of impressively fried dynamics.

You could imagine those bears on the cover jigging along to the tunes like true acid casualties, maybe struggling to find the groove of Black Mary, whilst holding on to their little white hats mid noise maelstrom… that track really does pack a punch, especially as the previous is so deceptively subdued.

Trying to pin this satisfying collection down in words would be pointless as there’s just too much to take in and impressions always seem to be shifting; transforming themselves… something that makes this one of my favourite albums of the year (so far)


Anonymous said...

theys got a new tape out soon on bumtapes..

Anonymous said...

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Cloudboy said...

oooh bumtapes, i shall have to look out for that one...

Anonymous said...

also: speed tapes is doing a PWK tape

Anonymous said...

Guess What! The New Patriotic Window Klings is now out on Bumtapes!
Look out for it!

Anonymous said...

Guess What! The New Patriotic Window Klings is out on Bumtapes! It's called Double Tiger. Look out for it, there's only a few.