The Countlet - Mesopotamia Blues from the Armless Men

Soil mouth moan, a scuzzy drum ride struggling along a Tiberius of haemorrhagic guitar... It’s rough love, croaking gems that bleed out in a mass of mutant limbs and bucket loads of buzzing toner... There’s some seriously fantastic rock carnage spewing out of this new collaboration between Alexander Makarios and Reverse Mouth’s Panagiotis …a feisty collision of clawed guitar and pelted skin seemingly played with the bloody stumps of the Dead C… it’s deliciously misshapen in all the right ways…

I’m really liking this drum addition to Pan’s wayward abuse… really drives it in there, hard n fast…like a stapler on speed dial… as the guitar is all cat stitched suture… embroidering home sweet home inside your head with scratchy metal and chewed sonics.

The disc flows like one massive jam session, Yahweh I and II’ are all garage monoxide dawn as the cro-mag part of you kicks along in appreciation …I love the way that Nevada Martyr has you nodding haplessly along like a total retard, not to mention the metallic aviary / amp saturated moan on The Occult Benefit of Judaism that’s pure post-primitive genius... But they definitely save the best till last… and bow out on a messed up high - an ascetic tongued beauty of scar tissue and burning intention.