Andy Nice - The Secrets of Me

I’m a great lover of bizarre vibes, but every now and then I crave a bit of a contrast, something that doesn’t jab with evil intent or pull you through depressive corridors. This new mini offering from Andy Nice seems to fit the bill perfectly, its tracks being filled with an optimistic choreography, a layered cello radiating light. Whether it’s the plunked skip of Orangeblu or the rococo branches of Dr Titan, the vibe is upbeat, coloured. A loose embroidery of differing personalities flowing out from that bow drawn base in crosshatched outlines, like breeze caught swirls of lazy summer memory, warm moments to cherish. Loving that drunken helix of Holly at the Ivy banqueting on that tip-tapped gait or the romantically inclined harmonium swells of Ballax, things just seem to glide perfectly into place, like a quickly executed sketch that captures an essence without labouring the point. The album’s last track (a reworking of the first) neatly ends the experience as the cello rhythms are beautifully fleshed out in guitar flashpoints, offset with a scampering plastic cup beat. The soft swell of vocals from Maple Bee complete the picture, a sultry pleasure slipping through in ever quieter whispers.