Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Made a few contacts over the weekend, for some reason I thought it would become a tech-nightmare but turned out to be easy-peasy, …within half an hour I was up banging the fuck out of metal sheeting through the ye old vomit amp… pushing the reverb as far as it could go… soaking up the raw hues in triplicate, smashing the cutlery with a ritualistic fervour. Stag antlers rising though of the mist… those gigantic Maplin transducers are the business… gotta master rhythm now.

Sunday stunt flying at Barbury fitted brilliantly to this Family Battle Snake freebie I found over at the wormhole… nylon ripping up the sky to imaginary drone, twas great fun trying to keeping everything airborne, adopting a crucifixion stance, and thankfully no youngsters floated away across the Ridgeway… plenty of 'did you see that Dad, no but I felt it, son!!!' moments…

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