Zodiac Toys - Galaxy High

There’s certainly no messing about on this soon to be released tape from Joey Chainsaw and Hoist Ghost, as you’re instantly plunged into a churn-bucket of sonic bladed Suicide repetition. A symphony of manic, dot matrix printers recorded through a battered cassette deck, the horizon filled up with Casio fuzzed / gtr alarm. Emergency signatures stuck together with gluey fingers. Ivory stabs hit across the solid note pulse. Sprawling out like some spiky mutation, all that treble making you dizzy… The spectrum, a deliciously dirty lo-fi as strung out illuminations blink from underneath the chafe.

The second track is more mystical sustain, easy on the sonic teeth. Like Emeralds but more fucked, ploughing a physical T.Dream gateway, a tickled nirvana of cracked light and drooping sunsets. Like a rough cut soundtrack of cranky bed sprung spirals, a slower tempo full of decaying pear drops and flat line trajectories, vacuumed up and spewed out -A John Carpenter-esque travelogue for an unwritten chase scene, all cut-up and biro-ed over. - Zodiac Toys are a misshapen joy.