Kassette Kulture #22 - Nuslux - Saison

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Nuslux (Roope Eronen) has been involved with many luminaries from the Finnish scene like Pylon, Avarus etc. releasing stuff on homeland Lal Lal Lal and the Belgium stable of European insanity Ultra Eczema. For this solo venture though, homemade electronics seem to be the order of the day, mutant keyboards that get you all nostalgic for the early days of computer gaming.

The A side is all pixelated jangle, 80’s arcade style... 64k rabbit droppings, treble tin and cuteness, with lurid colourations. Melodies for freckled robots and technicolor ladders as you gobble down bonus scores or suffer the death-march of game over. Mid section, the effects are stubble brooms scraping tiles, pursued by Tron pulsars and bouncy abstracts that seem to snag a brief Renaldo and the Loaf homage before close of play.

Side B starts all hyper sped rasterizing, getting lazy, fading into a ‘Whack the Frog’ chorus - comedy elastic of springy tinsel glints. Accordion leg erasers flowing out on a mind control hypo-flex.

Juicy acid-tinged toon-tastic fun.