Monday, November 02, 2009

Solar Flares, Joey Chainsaw, Mountains of Jesus, Z+, Squeeze me Macaroni, BambiKill, Team Brick

31st of October - in da basement somewhere in Bristol

...I'm completely in awe of this place, the basement is like a extension of Joey's sketchbooks... every inch of it covered with starry spiders and inky shapes squirting out of the lumpy brickwork, shots of pumpkin light illuminating grins... up in the kitchen it was tea and Futurama, I'm wearing my Halloween face inside out, it has a sicker prosthetic sheen that way.

First up Rajinder and Charlie were hunched over in serious guitar surgery, brewing up a raggedy man full of rusted hinges and blazing paper lanterns...there was some incredible communication going on as scratchy seismographs moved into evermore tortured shapes, their huge vibrations crashing the camcorder and splashing fossilised colour.

Joey's set was fleeting but burnt skull bright as a ghoulish vox mixed with concrete crows picking at uneven tarmac, a haunted barometer boil... filling his mouth with the mic getting straight to the marrow, massive boots rooting him to the ground his vibe suspending time as empty windows played out reverse histories in graphite scrawl .

Mountains of Jesus were born from the tiniest of sounds, echoed strings and trumpet husk but really working themselves up into a sonic hive of contact mic(ed) mayhem and one word shrieks...

both conjoined at the hip, descending into a Siamese twinnage of destruction... a violin tinted repose closing the set... I wonder how many Jesus' make a mountain?

Z+ bled pure is only beauty when it's nailed to the floor... the two guitars and cello breaking out of that quiet resignation to throw out angry fists... I must grab a copy of that cdr of theirs from Bumtapes.

Loved Squeeze me Macaroni 's pristine chords - weeping a loom of sorrow, beauty strung loopage and waltzing dust... vaporous vocals corkscrewed in oppressive rotation...

here's a clip of her in more angsty mode back in july...

BambiKill's amber caught fairies were lush, her vox raising like time-lapsed clouds between the tilted loopage... guitar churnings finding their centre, then expanding in heady architectures, like a lake of tea-lights blinking across the darkness...

TeamBrick provided the finale - evil vox and guitar numbness, slowly curdling into a mangled melt down of chaotic directions --- falling into some blindingly tight drum work --- take/ take /take/ more /more/ more - Lightning Bolt paragraphs ending just there, as Autumn was cast into the flames for another year.



mannn yer bad at hearing my lyrics! Guess again cloudie!

joey said...

messege z+ on myspace for his cd! its fucking awesome!!!!

joey chainsaw said...

messege z+ on his myspace for a cd!!

its awesome! and so are your words, as was the nite!! we do it again!!!

we should collab in some way of form SOOON!!!!

joey chainsaw said...

messege z+ 4 cd heres:

its awesome!!!

as are your words! as was the event! :D

we need collab some way of form sooon!!

Cloudboy said...

oh man, i'm always mis-hearing lyrics... was that z+ or teambrick?

thanks joey, t'was a beautiful night, i'll be grabbing a bit of z+ action soonish... and yeah we should

Charlie said...

THANK you for review and picturs and being there!

next time- you play!