Kassette Kulture 26# - Duncan Cameron - A horseback ride to the temple of Montu

This an audio diary of a trip to the temple of Montu by Duncan Cameron (Dolphin into the future aka Lieven Martens), The A side is full of bird song and cantering gamelan, the other all squiggly hieroglyphics on travel sick tempos.

Journey's a tribal Loplop of feathery Matisse impressions flittering around perambulating xylophonics... horse hoofs and duck disputes... smatterings of harness bells....... Love the swishing bird dives that make you take cowering glances skyward and those freaky nocturnal hoots giving out their bassy edges. Finally, synth circles eat into all this, peppered in slippery quacks...

The flip, Glyphs, is so whacked I had to check the player wasn't chewing it up. Pitch shift smears and time lapse thumb pianos, bubbling like cheese under the grill...Wetland textures just dribbling away, suddenly taken to a Clangers loop. A rotary line of wobbling gelo keyboards, bringing out Mr soft 'mallow' perspectives, and disappearing on a pitter patter sign off.

Right now in the grips of the big freeze these heat haze atmospheres are very welcome indeed.

Side A - Journey.mp3


Julien said…
Awesome Tape! The last 4 procession tapes are really fantastic. If you have some links for mp3 of these tapes, it could be great. I would like to put them in my computer.

Thanks ;)