kassette Kulture #28 - Bambikill and Joey Chainsaw

This is a lush coupling... the mellowest I’ve ever heard Joe, as he reins in the sonic damage to supply wobbly edges to Christelle’s vivid guitar neurosis. A semi-improvised concoction of milky alabaster spillages and fret sparks this bleeds out a therapeutic shower of soft folding vibes. Diaphanous treads wound round a bowed string backdrop. The cyclic guitar spurring on a distant chantery, faint fragrances of Cocteau twins, Cranes and Lisa Gerrard leaking through all that hypnotic gooiness. The guitar always switching the scenery, constantly searching, keeping things interesting as side one melts away on hazy directions.

The flip is definitely my favourite… The way the vocal climbs as wafers of Taj Mahal Travellers are thrown into the mix … multi tracked vox giving out Anatolian blisters and far-flung mysteries… The sonics riddled with mirror warped contours and cloud bursting clarity. Gentle thunder and guitar flux, a semi screechy carnage with hints of metal riffery … the guitar soaring out on elastic tangents, packing plenty of clout… all drawn back to bask in quieter aesthetics and the fluorescent silence of deep sea life.