Pdrr, Fireflowers and Euhedral

Port Mahon, Oxford 4th May

Pdrr 's guitar sounded like tinnitus shears skating breeze blown dunes, at one point the strings were transformed into a bunch of giggling girls served up on an industrial wheeze. Occasionally invaded by startled insects, the alien voices and edgy tensions were thrown into a delayed and echoed morass like sacrificial offerings. Despite a few tech hiccups, his set was rather cool, if tantalisingly brief.

Got seriously lost in those circular riffs the Fire Flowers were plying, vaporous trails tinted in eastern joss stick curl... the bowed guitar sounding like a haunted kettle or aquatic mammal ... the voice distended, a chantry of blurred jewels orbiting... the flora unfolding from the delay soaked dew . Propelled to noisier realms, everything contracted, as the ghosts began seeping out of the floorboards on the bright tongues of guitar and rusted violin. The fruits of this new collaboration between Joey and Bambi were blinding, like the Cranes without the aggressive mood swings, or a heat hazed Indian jewelry falling through sacred root labyrinths.

Euhedral assembled his tunes from pieces of bowed guitar and flickers of electric dystopia , getting orchestral, weathered… introducing a moan vox through his kiddy CB hand mic, swaying along with the half light rhythms... getting all cybertron, pitch shifting feedback, tapping into something deeply seductive... making interesting parallels with this current read from JGB.