Opéra Mort - Je Suis Parmi Les Cinq Cents Personnes Que Tu Préfères Au Monde

Another foray in vinyl for Tanzprocesz… A nice, one sided gem from those Opera Mort boys... the b/w arts radiating a certain 'Bruitiste' quality as track one releases its swampy frequencies, that corpse dragging pace almost hamburger lady like… the valve maggots mixing well with the ectoplasmic mouth falls… sci-fi baubles bubbling through the tweetytronics and smarting circuitry. Queasy grubs exerting their full waxiness as knuckles hit the table top like hollow footfalls and cough medicine curls over a spoon in soggy beats and bypass pumps... drips in choruses of toy car accelerations, bends and sadometric stutters….

The second track bites at you with elephantine brackets and pulsing sap…ball bearing beats and trance crucifixions. The clank of speedy knitting needles getting hyper, the textures piling up like body bags of percussion… meaty slabs, covered in a cacophony of sharp edges, working deep into the veins of a rusted sequencer... abruptly silence by a scream. When it comes to post industrial psychosis these guys have it nailed...