Kassette Kulture 32# - Live Vol 4 - Vom Grill

Vom Grill is throat singing a deep and medicated sideshow... slightly comedic in places... with Dylan Nyoukis splutter and Tazartes yelps... gargling... reverberating out this low end Sunn0))) type vibe... a sudden burst of crash test electrics, putting pay to those dark cloister plumes... adrift in snapping mousetraps and sniping slaughter ... enigmatically cutting back to a Zen pool of tweety gimp glitch and clanking brassware... The flip continues the speaker damage, with mechanized callipers skipping over 'contacted' cavities and whistling calamity... ending in a nice madrigal sign off that gets the crowd cheering. Dennis Tyfus sure packs a lot into twelve minutes.

Here's a video from the show... as the camera pans over the crowd you might just catch a glimpse of Jo Tanz recording the set...