Belltone Suicide – Cartilage Evaporator

This is like glacial fluidity submerged within buried sirens, subtle, nomadic! Slinky loose steps into a pathway door, a slow motion circus sped up in stop frame with fizzed out fireworks, and that was just the opening into this documented adventure. Static turbulence and shifts that behold... vocalised unicorn satellites emitting, to scratch at those buried, unleashed! KACKER HAPPY swirls, exotic trips consumed into mumbled euphoria and pulsing out in sections all aquatic foam... signals disturbed, swimming rippled waters.. skipping, one foot off the ground stopped in motion, striding elegantly. Swan songs with crackled transmissions of messages, then x-files alien invasion bowling with a Tetris landslide, dripping into a self filling waterfall. Xerox, scan printers, distinguished fireworks, and whizzes into asteroids, tinkering flickers that emerge into blares, slowly and suddenly motors hum and pass... Perfect for the nocturnals, a document for the witching hours!!! A total joy to experience within its many avenues.

by Joey C.