Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gnar Hest – Tracts on how severe i welcome nonexistence as harsh as is

This is one continuous track plucked from one of the many alter egos of Matt Williams... a total escalator ride of churning synth-dom, elastically channelling the golden age of arcade gaming … This is brilliant, like some 8 bit shifting Tron travelogue, pacey, full of nibbling pixels tugging at your lobes in waves of pure optimism... A tongue in cheek homage to Kraftwerk’s Autobahn, packed with mutated Mario Kart shiny coin clambers and curdling key shivers …The architrave a curvy, joy splashed forecourt of goodness, pure sulphated agitation, filled with tasty shifts of action that fill your attention span right up to the 20(ish) minute cut off...

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