The Dogface Sockets, Sennen Timcke, Kebele Choir

Friday 15th July, Folk House, Bristol

Those Dogface Sockets were simply superb, debauched n ridiculous, everything grotesquely exaggerated, burning out on scary in places. Jonny coming across like a neurotic Billy Bragg pursued by a clamber of disabled children, Mini's dented diagonals working into his guitar and vocal spurs, adding extra vocal yelps along the way.

Their set brimmed with weird tales and crooked flights of fancy, funny quips on each song’s heritage between songs… real entertaining stuff closing with the 'Elephant Song' backed by the Kebele Choir…an improv collection of voices that had performed beautifully earlier on along with Sennen Timcke... The waving arms of the choir’s lead Polly Staple conducting a background of wailing animal noises and 'Scooby Doo' sound effects from all assembled, fitting well with the duo’s bizarre cabaret…

However the best surprise was their cover of Nick Cave’s Stagger Lee… the foul mouthed n bloody ballad becoming even more deliciously over-caricatured and skewered in the hands of Mini n Jonny… their insane screaming sealing the deal… We left the place buzzin’... think they'll be playing the Harbour Festival at the end of the month - something that's begging to be checked out.