Back to the future the ride - Gay Wish

Back to the future the ride is a mysterious solo project from Brian Miller of Foot Village and Deathbomb Arc fame, the cover giving out a certain retro chic . The contents miles removed from his usual sonic assaults and by all accounts a stepping stone to fresh pastures yet to be explored.

Starts all celestial drone…as if a fraction of Carl Orf’s Carmina Burana was Stretch Armstronged into eternity …a real medicating angel this one…a choral bleed with the dichotomy of feeling like time is standing still whilst still filtering endlessly outward. Something that seems to fit nicely with the time travel theories of Miller’s concept behind this side project…

A scrapbook of sorts, this tape then wanders all over the place, from tuneful paddlings to eerie vapour trails and ghostly mirror breaths… Track four brings to mind Coil’s classical dabblings for Jarman’s Angelic Conversation… a rotary sycamore shearing out a sinister crochet of spidery digits… an eastern kindling aglow with vaporous fireflies.

On the flip the inflexion is less sinister, a pleasant industrial hum, underneath which organ hand spans oscillate in their bindings…as if a hollow hilled crust is being peeled slowly away inside your head or the DNA of the universe is being broken down into quivering molecules…

Next, a vocoded hymn breaks…all gnomically Cher-esque , takes you by surprise. The chopped up lyrics drowning in the gloop, logic happily crumbling … all ending in a card shuffle of tinny percussive falls, a popcorn of differing tones… a flanged chord fray that mysteriously dies, as if the power was suddenly cut.