The Heart of The Sky - Listening Mirror

on Bathetic Records

The space is a serene drumless one where everything transfers in a soft leisurely manner, propelled on diaphanous pulses as if caught in the swirl of a glass bell jar … An undercurrent of atomised inflections creep through your ear like a smooth flurry of birds… distended key strokes glow in amplitude as Eno-equse quivers infect the tourmaline in slo-mo sunspots and diffused halos… Diamond like puckers burst with momentary light, rooting themselves deep into your slowing heart rate… the landscape slipping through your fingers, teetering on the cusp of unconsciousness. The final track pulling you back umbilically with a hypnotic female vocal from New Zealand's Alicia Merz (Birds of Passage) that gives this 30 minute creation from Listening Mirror a definitive and satisfying conclusion...