48 Space Platform CDR - Joinedbywire

This lushly packaged release from Joinedbywire, gives a pleasant Nagasaki shake to the speakers. Textural towers of junkshopped machine give out a pure concrete satisfaction of jittering geriatric rivet and other broken automata. But it's not jumping into the deep end too quickly, things are allowed to develop gradually, built up on the dust of insectal aluminium and spazzed circuits... paraphernalia piling until it’s a mechanised tumour pushing through skin with parasitic life. A mangle of malfunction, snapping hungrily or scurrying through your cranium with nervous energies, the magnetized haze, a myriad of loose mouthed spurs.

Tracks bleeding into each other, constantly paring themselves back into an oasis of bruised ambience… twilight reflections peppered in field recordings of overlapping dirge and velveteen reek, revealing secret pockets of Viennese chimes that clank with an unnatural aura between your ears. The last track Drym Lane Atomball stretches leisurely. A threadbare pianola, revolving on the circumference of some oscillating tardis thread, mutating into a mechanoid Windy and Carl. Dronic sails battered by nano-crunch, whirring glass and blasting furnace …this is so goddamn beautiful ,it's as if you could glimpse the scope of the universe in its grainy collisions... that neo primitive machine vocab, blowing out into the hissy ferrics of actual human conversation... something that definitely seems a possible seed behind this album's creation…