Daniel Vincent and Atay Ilgun - Fragments of Sound C40

Side one demonstrates some masterful guitar playing, deft, descriptive with plenty of colour between frets, spurring off on otherworldly twilights… Halfway through, this captivating narrative takes up a more occultist tone with creeping circles prowling a low lit amplitude… Gliding on some lovely glassy eyed synthetics, the guitar gradually letting the optimism in, the tone warming…. then finally drifting out on doubled layers, the crystallised strings caught in the falling of leaves.

In complete contrast, side two is a aquatic-lined burbling of submerged sounds … A sweeping bubble wand of multicoloured oceanics. A humming flange of dolphin rasp providing the bassline, as keystrokes give out the definition in 'close encounters' forages… Piano spans stretching, yarning, imbued in treble highlights and glittery refractions, bloating out in gaseous spirals, dimensionally diving to resurface in a shoal of piranha like metallics… The fade opens to more strung out atmospheres, celestial and drifty. A Northern Lights manatee of subtly changing hues and reverberated space. Sliding drone waves… swallowed on swollen ebbs, the outflows layering up on an enveloped heaviness that churns everything up nicely... The faint crackles of cosmos almost audible in those soft manta swirls and tentacled ear wraps… A satisfying journey’s end.

What a great first release for any label, as relaxing as it is intriguing, a delicate beauty full of raised contours, whose melodic eddies and fibrous flurries tap straight into your soothing pulse.