Listening Mirror - Resting in Aspic

Another excellent episode in Listening Mirror’s explorations into ambience… Each track an evocative, rumbling bedrock… A drone cast carpet of pitch/time stretched atmospheres that are hauntingly physical…

Unravelling, bringing to mind a universal vastness of expansion, a swirl with subtle hues and painterly impressions, shifts in tonality with a giddy gravitational pull, like a Turner painting full of possibilities.

Spatterings of piano, similar to Budd and Eno’s - The Pearl, becoming sketches of emotion skating a tundra of longing, true conveyors of awe, riddled with natural indexes. Whether it's choral mermaids luring you inside their swelling kelp skirts, or the jewelled frostings of winter, these multifaceted outcomes churn over in your mind... slowly develop like polaroids… with an attention to detail that’s finely distilled to conjure with your notion of calm.