Ronny Juzzle – Spaz-tec Diploma in Horseriding

This is a single tracked sluice bucket of digital debris from Ronny Juzzle. Chaos theoretics for the lugholes, as if wired chimps have broken into a radiophonic workshop and run amok only for the resulting fractals to be further mangled by an absent minded Stockhausen …

It's incredible how much is crammed into this tiny offering... Two minutes in and it’s already exhausted most bands stock of ideas…... Further on, Juzzle shows no let up in the creativity stacks, zapping all over the place, dishing out the plundertronically cut-up capers like some Keystone Schaeffer

Bombarding your head with varying amounts of comical and sinister hues, causing plenty of joyous bewilderment for your grey matter to grapple with… This is seriously good derailment that you should definitely try (at least once).

...available soon over at Exotic Pylon