Blanche Blanche Blanche / Bruce Hart Split C60

2wice 2wins lyrics are skipping happily around my skull... the accompanying eighties-a-rama of jangly presets fizzing like a fresh bottle of champers… Blanche Blanche Blanche are the culprits... a duo(?) comprising of Sarah Smith and keyboardist Zach Phillips and they're plying plenty of well needed Casio sunshine here... Yeah, it's slightly cheesy, but you get the idea that the tongue's firmly placed in the cheek, total indie chic. That world weary female vox throwing me the hidden depths …my little grey cells hanging on every word... swept along on that retro-bezazz, leading to a T’Pau make-over that's a zillion times better than the original…

The flip is altogether more peculiar. One of Zach Phillips' many side projects Bruce Hart… Comes across like a wired take on the 80’s vibe. Musically, it's wobbling all over the place... a binge of ideas, damaged undulations and perspex rebound… a comic oddness that’s a pure joy to have pouring through the speakers.