Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hare Akedod 002 - Various Artists C50

This comp is incredible, one of the best I've heard this year... drifts through some pleasing skewerdelic joys, snapshots a vibrate counter culture that has been rippling through Belgium (particularly Antwerp) for some time now... Only familiar with a few, like Silvester Anfang's Hellvete and of course Ultra Eczema's Vom Grill, however, the rest are totally new adventures... Mysterious strangers taking me through plenty of kosmical neu-infused harmonics and haunting shamanics... The odd electro acoustic detour materialising, before plunging straight back into more 'weirded out' shanty(isms) and off kilter quiver skins ... The whole thing seemingly caught in a perpetual twilight, growing dizzy off its own contours, with a witching chasm of a finale penned by Hare Akedod that seals the deal...

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