FMG - Waiting Period

This new cassette from FMG is the business. A slow soak of majestic texture. Taking the dying breathe of his previous 'Sings the Blues' CDR to pen a requiem in hazy sunshine…The first side, entitled The Willow, starts with some cocoon emerging twilight, it's base drone splashing the aspic in a controlled amp melt of sibilant acids… a lush oscillation attached to sparse guitar eddies... a minimal bleed that seemingly dances on a warp fx horizon, like a daze of dandelion seeds caught in a slow motion spiral…

The miraged guitar on the second side digs deeper... brings to mind Durutti Column or Michael Brook, with it’s masterful display of light sped vapour oozing through your ears... Could have stayed this way and it wouldn't have spoiled a thing, however its quickly overtaken by this Neu type re-imagining that locks you into a delicious repetitive trance… Some really nice hypnotic autobahning notching up the satisfactory stakes even higher, a bassline on which jewelled ringlets of silverfish leap… Those steely refractions like sewing needles bursting through paper blinds, slowly flooding a darkened room in increasing columns of light… finally burning out on the blurring threads of dust caught in their illuminated bars… There are some blissful transgressions going on here that are well worth your attention.