Monday, September 10, 2012

Sound and Vision

This is gonna be a fun night over in Swineville's very own Post Modern Art Gallery, hope to see you there...

Joined by Wire - Dronic sails battered by nano-crunch, whirring glass and blasting furnace.

Windmill Moth Glue - A trio of sonic terrorists possessed by the sinister souls of medieval jazz alchemists fished from the deepest darkest depths of the auditory underworld. Conjuring up a sonorous explosion of satanic freeform, a hullaballoo of discordant harmony, a devilish din of piercing percussive confusion and sonic sycophants that will invade your human shell and inflict the most delightfully devilish listen ing pleasures upon your mind.

FMG - What started as a sound project back in Swindon in 2004 has come full circle. London based musician, John Scott will be performing as FMG for the last time with a stripped back setup with fewer gadgets to bring blissed out psyche-drone guitar back to The West Country, where it first came from.

Unpronounceable Squiggle - Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Spirituality, metaphysics, the primitive hand of man, the ridiculous, the ghosts and the gods all presented by a mutant baby of Prince and Alan Vega.

NoN FeRrIc MeMoRiEs - hypnotic seizures a plenty with aesthetic aneurisms on the side.

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