Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Skull Mask - Sahumerio

This mini cdr starts out with a spacey vibe, an early Eyeless in Gaza sparkle of strings … Candlelit coronas of ascending frets and cyclesounds… completely solo wanderings… almost stripped to the bone, with only the lightest of dronic mystery to distract you from the fact… Miguel Pérez's guitar playing is exceptional, his fingers conjuring up a myriad of dancing shapes and esoteric cyphers… colours that seemingly conversate in multiple exposures , curving the gloom in bowl like illumination. Vibes twisting upward in salamandering canter, mimicking the vapours of the enclosed incense which I recommend you burn whilst listening to this. The classical inflexions veiled in a scimitar of Turkish/Eastern flavours as flashes of white horse ride the lapping raga pulse, bespeckled in violent mood swings. This is a passionate display of force, a spin with jewelly diffusions banishing the bad vibes of Cuidad Juárez's past, where human life was the cheapest of commodities…

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