Thursday 15th Nov - KoKo London

Seeing the Swans back in 2010 was pretty awe inspiring, but the repeat experience was beyond words... a two hour plus show that blew expectation clean out of the water... the sheer magnitude / scope was unbelievable, almost mythical...Howling twists of pounding volume, laced with woozy ambiences...That live rendition of the title track off 'The Seer' which was over 48mins alone (most band's whole set!)...plus the taut muscular joy of hearing that golden oldie 'Coward' again... a thirsty, staggering animal of a song... Gira's heavy as lead vocals over the retracted guitar screams of Westberg and Pravdica.. .sprays of incendiary lapsteel from Christoph Hahn, whilst Thor and Puleo slammed all in sundry in measured response, absolutely unholy. Like the latest album, songs just materialised through the wreckage and improv repetitions ... Gira all raggety man, hand fans shaking as if imaginarily crucified, an evil worm of tongue wiggling in his alabaster countenance, voicing lots of excellent new material ... To be kind, She loves us and Nathalie, songs that could have easily pushed the triple vinyl to a fourth slab... This was Gira and company at the top of their game. showing no sign of nostalgic resignation, meaty, unrelenting and something I'm going to remember for a long time to come... now it's time to re-live