Isnaj Dui - Collision Detection v8

Mysterious drones and glimmers of melody are the order of the day for Isnaj Dui’s slice of the Collision / Detection cake… Isnaj Dui (real name Katie English) uses flutes, home-made dulcimers and electronics to bring a drifting weave of impressionistic vapours to the ears and the witchily segmented tracks found here certainly continue that vibe in a Monet of shifting tints.

North gets the ball rolling in a glassy mirage of spiral orbits and dissolves... finger wound gilds hovering over an oscillating lawn of crystal with faint moans cast along it's bowed haze. A really beautiful spirit chased vibe quickly replaced on South by a boiling rattle of canteen aluminium... as gasps of erotised breath and pearlescence backward chews diminish on protracted drum rolls of muted Tupperware, retracted to pin heads of modulated focus.

East heralds a slow squid-like rebus, a drone bone replete with sonar bleeps. A folding sway of orphaned tune developing, clinging to key fall secondaries that seem to sketch out the premise for the Twin Peaks echo of the last track, West... where hinged squeaks and metallic chimes are overtaken in lilting pads and softly swung momentums drowning back into a pool of its own composites. A subtle beast indeed…