Hypernature - Germseed

Totally loving this recent release from Alice Kemp's Germseed. A rich, muscular offering in corrosive currents of over wrought hex-eating sibilance. A tar black and growly dose of bass with warm injections of mournful vocal doppelganging the rub, trancing forks sucking you deeper into the daggering dune grass...

Starts in drum hits and revving slurs, nano shunted into a pool of digital lice. Fragmented chords of sparse guitar sprouting the reflective slow-mo's, curving the brewing electronics and jazz-handed zimmer. A fairly gentle album introduction which sons of bitches vanquishes in amp buzzing halos of evil bass. A dirty bath of rasping wings intersected by a wailing 'not sure if it's even human' vox, mirroring the guitar's contours in semi-opaque suggestion. A really satisfying vibe that leads to the doomically flayed flowers teeth fingers ink. A slow texturised gristle of birched and wasp stung bass, anointed in ritualised gasps that ooze through it all like some delicious half buried invocation.

This intense simplicity bleeds into the strummed chordic beauty of fistful of ashes . A pounding numbness, with spikes of unicorn horned vocals seemingly sucked through bared teeth and grates of tubular respiration. Powerful ju ju indeed clocking in at a satisfying 9 mins plus...

For the penultimate track bone reader, things get more dronal, protracted. Gnarled corridors puckered in tasty fret scraped periodics, a bristling back that's soothed in a melodic underbelly of spidersilked synth.

The last track be ye ready also ends this excursion in hungry distortion, as shredded cries tear from inside the reverberation with a restrained intoxicating violence. Window rattling frequencies ending in a liminal hymn of shifting embers. This baby certainly burns bright with an unholy visceral beauty that's begging to be heard.