Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Collision / Detection v9 - Sone Institute

I really love film scores, all the better if they are imagined... non-tethered, itchy with possibility... and I must say, this completely instrumental offering from the Sone Institute fills that ticket and concludes this Collision / Detection series in a slinky throb of disco and sequenced goodness... wayward shapes thrown over a wonky dance floor...

Deathbeat (Main Title Sequence) starts the proceedings in DAF pulsations replete with oily pond skater synth lines … Highlights of piano in soft curlicues of wharrrrr, contours that climb all over you with euphoric limbs, quick cut with beach ball beats, banking metallic clashes and hand claps that sound suitably robotic. Ear candy that runs rings around the over-familiar like an over-excited puppy chasing its tail…

Loving the kinetic pleasures of Unguarded Circle of Flesh… The filter bank zigger and Capri-Sun edgings ticking away nicely as the wooden beats and dramatically slung piano pegs are whipped across in a choreographed Kurosawa shine, releasing dulcimer dimed avalanches and Lakuna-ized sensations. Chilli tongued jibbers that fill your head with swift scenery opening you up for the funky hoe-down that is Flesh Dance (In a state of perpetual arousal) ... an electro card shuffle of glitchy incentives with multiple angles sliding along some impossibly pleasing slopes.

By the time it’s spinning out on the fat n bouncy refrain of the title track your imagination is left wrestling with how this EP could sizzle on your retina too..

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