Stereocilia - Murmurations

These loop locked goods from Stereocilia are beautifully understated. A subtle ooze of medication in mellow glows of diffusing contour, as if you were standing on that drifting tide-line of drone, your eyes mirrors, reflecting the infinite curve of perpetually folding gravities. FWD>>’s charms are certainly many, you hardly notice its 24min duration, wilfully caught in that curling foundation as golden boughs of chord sew the horizon in Klee-like hues.

Dilute, continues the vibe, possesses a filmic ‘Herzog’ quality...a Popol Vuh withering fruit of spiral armatures ... your skull slowly cooked in a purr of meditative lines... dissolving...undulating in rhythmic eddies, puckered in a thoroughfare of synthetic speech leisurely eased out of existence.

But it’s that last track that clinches it for me; Bright Light. It's like a vivid memory caught on the jangled glare of some water’s surface. Repetitive loops counter fed in growing colour, thread round a muffled throb of a heart-beat . Embroidered further in secondary chords, idyllics that tantalise a surface spread in raindrops and cross stitchings that slowly lose themselves in soft puppy fur. Déjà vu engines of the highest order, trickling through your sub-conscious, unknotting the damage life throws at you.