Road to Mirapuri - Rainbow Island - C20

Mirapuri Lagoon starts in sci-fi delusions, modulated goodness swept up in bamboo percussions. Shiver cushions of ancestral voices... ether flowing... as your spine sinks into protracted synth horizons. A psychedelic melt that's taken to a whole new level by some screaming peyote girl... ‘Astronaut aaaahhhhh!!!'. Exclamations that rip through Foot Village stylee, light up your head in super cute multi-hues . Passions the tiki tongued shadows try to steal before everything disappears between the salty roots of the mangrove.

The flipside, Rainbow Road is more transit. A plodding synth throb with globs of melodic key fall. Leaks a serious motorik vibe floating out on a breath stretch of reverbed vox ... Mellow juju with a squeeze of easy listening sleaze, as the scenery becomes a blur of parrot feathers and liquid light.

Yet another nicely packaged delight from the No=Fi crew.