Ministry of Wolves and Hazel Winter

The Exchange, Bristol - 24th March

Re-interpretations of Brothers Grimm.... Now this could have fallen on its face, but it didn't. After a tentative start the 'Bad Seeds' noirs were flowing nicely, firm holds of organ tensiles and diving bass lines. Mick Harvey's percussive pleasures cobbling the melodies with interesting angles, giving out obsessive lights, buoyant branches on which those fairytale rewrites cranium sparked. Oooo this was beautiful, a crack in time where fantasy dribbled through. Wallfisch vocals booming satisfyingly, Alexander Hacke - Woody Allen like with his thick rimmed glasses dealing some delish psychosis in between the funnies, yelling out on Rumpelstiltskin as his guitar ripped open. Couldn't avoid the Anita Lane comparisons with Danielle de Picciotto's voice, that slightly sinister whim mingling with the wide eyed innocence... coupled with the hurdy gurdy on 'Sleeping Beauty' she was intoxication...

The support, Hazel Winter, unleashed quite a storm before all this... her fiery acoustics, and vitriolic humour were a force to be savoured. Here's a taster from her set finale.