Alexander Thomas, Squeeze Me Macaroni, Bleeding Heart Narrative, Ala Muerte

Saturday 3rd April @ The Cube

Mr Thomas is always a pleasure to behold, asymmetric orchestrations flowing out of his machine, classical laments riddled with tectonic shifts and cracking pebbles... hands grabbing at the notes or exiling them in knuckled plunges... gulls circling, a Ouija board of otherness....Theremic feral-moans...

Squeeze me Macaroni was crunched up at the foot of the stage...swaying away, caught up in the mood soaked litmus and toy xylophonics... The effects feed, throwing a wobbly, creating secondary vocals that bit against the intended smears, sounding haunted... the heady guitar architectures getting all anxious, string stabs razoring the angelic... she churned up quite a storm, ending with a guitar slam to the forehead.

Bleeding Heart Narrative were a full on band phenomenon... loved the power of two drum kits, every song beamed energy, reeling with a Godspeed majesty that could fill whole sides of vinyl with ease, the kinda glowing vibe Arcade Fire always harped on about but failed to deliver... lush and intoxicating, reminded me of when I saw Caribou way back in '05

In comparison, the headliner was a bit too fragmented... nice haunted vocals and looped guitar sandpapering through the speakers, but as a whole it failed to get me worked up, which was a shame because her album is rather lovely.