Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Menschenfleisch - Performs 3" cdr

Like a drying husk of Lady Godiva’s Operation but totally drum-less, distended… the lyrics replaced with howls, grumbles and browning apple cores ... very little comedy… Muggy weathered choke chains twisting sinister, I’m hearing the tearing of nylon legs, slashing beaks … Below numbing tones, there's this séance of valve misuse... a dental nightmare of grey area dynamics and mammal breath… loons call each other through mud… a sweaty bubble of flaccid delirium, caustic yet strangely inviting… If this was a drawing, it would be one of those intensely dense 'thermally insane' ones… where the page colour is literally swallowed in swirling granite… not as loud as I remember, but who wants crippling distortion when the details are this tasty… Clocking in at just under 18 mins this Menschenfleisch offering serves as an appetizer for things to come…

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