Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hiroshima Bird Market - Bridge Bypass All CDr

Gone are the buzzing furies and baking hot cauldrons of the previous release, replaced on this three tracker by a cleaned up, focused, slow bled virgin of a sound that’s molested and shadow fed.

Myasnoye begins as a dirgey violin tune-up, flecks of key synthetics anaconda through…the sounds are unstable, as if staggering in an intoxicated haze… a bubbling condensation of valves… scraping basifications, coruscating into guitar sparkle, stabs and tempered throat drones...Suddenly, the track finds a pulse, sets up tenancy… the guitar hitching a ride… a lovely recurring chord structure flashing its flanks within that mouth organ haunt and sporadic violin scurry. Germanic narration grabbing a foothold, loose cymbal/drum chattering within the sentences… chords supplying extra percussive plunges, bent chimes…

Everything gathers up to quite a dreamscape, then cuts back into trk two’s pastoral glazery…More narration spreads out over the strum, with secondary shouts from low in the mix punching through.. gets quite angsty, frustrated with the dull clip of apathy... ending far too quickly on the oasis of ‘…sometimes I feel like crying’.

The last track, Bridge bypass all is an infinitely darker beast, a reprise of the first track, but more consecrated…the amps UFO saucering, climbing a bass incline…. violin scraping… drums falling through the gaps in pitted refrain…. curls of horse hair fed to the feedback shadows… finger spans travelling a Kafkaesque gloom…

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