Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gnar Hest - The Dogs Churned

Diving into the same fertile furrow that marked Matt's previous release for LF records, this short tape starts out with a pumping spandex bass, filled with hungry pacmen wolfing down trebly jewels, cat meows and bonkers pitchwifery. The sounds get me all nostalgic for the chase scenes of 80s cult classics such as Subway or Diva …a futurism filling my head like the digitised blueprints from the TV version of Hitchhikers guide.

Matt’s like a pixeled Vangelis, or Rick Wakeman without the chintz, sound tracking a virtual world… In the early days of computing (Commodore 64) I remember spending weeks/months of code chugging to produce a bleeptastical score that was nowhere as good as what’s happening here… His compositional skills bludgeoning blandness in multiple layers that slip this way and that, the cute tunefulness choked with satisfying hooks and scenic reflections. …

By the third track, the pace slows to a dry tinkerbell musika, a harpsicordal twang showing a true deftness of touch … a sober grandfather clock chime to falling jewellery… or is that a frozen catfish's whiskers being plucked? …

The pace picks up once again for the tapes finale... a bleeping treadmill of goodness , where neon lines foreshorten into some pixelated orange dawn. This is as addictive as the arcade games it parodies… All hail the 8 bit king.

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