Friday, May 27, 2011

Euryphadiorossae - DR(DR)ONE

plus a freebie from team dr(dr)one... gotta say i'm lovin' Scrambled Eyes

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lace Cupped Cross

Friday, May 20, 2011


Done a bit of journo freewheelin' over at freq music magazine on the subject of that truely amazing Nurse with Wound show... enjoy

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Magic Carpathians

Magic Carpathians... some day i'm gonna visit the Carpathians for real...

Fertility Stick

Pencil Chit Chat

Nurse with Wound, Bruce Gilbert and Mika Vainio and Radian

The KoKo London, Sunday 15th May 2011

Loved the minimal post rock vibes of the opening act Radian... that
23 Skidoo ethnicity and those broken This Heat narratives were
riddled with an exciting unpredictability ... each track, a scattered
jigsaw filled with unusual colours and textures, oozing a restrained
intent that was really impressive...

Bruce Gilbert and Pan Sonic's Mika Vainio were next on the bill.
Introducing themselves in a short burst of hi-end pierce that got the
crowd cheering... they continued with a Malaysian flavoured ambience,
a gigantic staked beauty, fluttering like a quartz split mouth of the
night... later molested in high pitched scars. Then the beats kicked
in, like sacks of liquidised potatoes slapping all hardcore ,whirring
on the rebound, turning the rainbows of electro abstraction into a
lush avant-club land... the convexed projection dancing along...

Probably impressed by the previous act, the Nurse with Wound
foursome blasted out a delicious cacophony… a real ear rape... Colin
doing arm requests for more volume… to which I was glad the sound guys
didn’t oblige as my head felt like an aching ball of phosphorus…

Slowly the harshness sheared into eerier waters, bespeckled in mumbles
and moaning vapours and other classic staples of 'Nurse' whimsy
...gestating nicely as 'word worms' snaked the screen. To my
disbelief, 'I’m the Poison' materialised (the very song that
originally converted me to 'Woundworld') …Stapleton's vocals sounding
over medicated, nicely obsessional…Waldron n Liles churning out a gut
wrenching bass to Mr Potter's eccentricities… the phasing nimbus
projection behind them giving out Coil déjà vu's… If you ask me, this
was worth the ticket price alone!

On the back of this, some seriously sexy trumpet smears pursued,
leading to outbreaks of tomfoolery from all assembled… Liles getting
carried away with a toy megaphone and being pushed off stage by Steve…
Matt Waldron on pin hole music box, all Nosferatu hunched, cranking
out delicate Hellraiser trickles… Random noises a plenty as all four
squabbled over their contacted junk like a bunch of kids...

Bacteria multiplied on screen as an arse-clenching rumble of a drone
made it’s headway… potholed in snapping mouse traps, S&M whims and a
sinister flux of electro statics…...On screen, squid-like creatures
floated around Manhattan to the ghost-written operatics… The scene
quickly changing to visions of some Lynchian travel lodge populated by
shadow shifting creatures... Corrosive drones crackled with flashes of
amped tinfoil... the half-light revealed the fleeing shapes of
scattering monkeys, their muddy primate faces looking genuinely
perturbed. … The sound, a tight knit claustrophobia, squeezing out
every ounce of tension then detonating in bursts of gorgeous
brutality. A few comical switchblades broke out as the BPM index flew
off the handle in funfair-esque detours... contradicting the images on
screen that definitely seemed to take a back seat as the team finally
disembarked into a deformed drum n bass hoedown. Here's hoping
somebody pressed the record button. The best NWW show yet!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lost Decade - Dead Gum

Here’s another full length gem from Pan’s (Reverse Mouth) solo outfit Dead Gum, which see’s him neglecting those trademark feedback scars in favour of more introspective fruit…

Renegade is a gripping opener…Glorious burnt-out guitar full of hornety intent… a lashed wreck of a universe entangled in sparking flint… a wounded angst, corkscrewing nicely into psychic loop locked frustrations…

The scrying mirror drone of Nostalgia Syndrome is creeping all over me… a rubberised aerosol, bending around the gravel rub of concrete… dual phasing, recurring in diminished returns and dry stoned metallic breathes … vocals reciting Autogedden... like a crumbling hymn whilst carnivorous insects shift the shadows.

The Sister Took Over… has a beautiful sense of resignation
in that Cohen through a tracing paper comb vox and numb stump of chordage accompaniment…whereas Spans Two Levels is a low-end and valved dance of data…a soiled fry of constrained pattern and vocal murmer…a granular collection of slowly destroyed shapes.

Those bendy shapes of Sober States veering off in differing directions reminds me of the modulated pancake flipping of Coil cira LSD… mattress strung jewelleries spurring off on their wiry ways… a track full of cute glitter ball verbs and oily consistencies, the contents balanced precariously, on the verge of toppling...

The disc ends on the total ‘come down’ of Electric Hangover, an anaesthetized hissy vacuum, a distant machine purr…
fringed plankton-like flecks of electricity over hollow gong and muted thunders…the whine of automated recovery never too far away... tasty industrial audios play off each other… revealing a barely perceivable vox trapped in flypaper glue…

Lost Decade really glows with an understated beauty, intoxicated with the souring flavours of disappointment. Long let it illuminate your head....

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Burning Fingers

opto-electronic and opto-mechanical - is that Damien Hirst in the background?

Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Tree That Bears The Equine Fruit

Nouveau-prog-space, it's riddled with plenty of tasty hooks... their even touring at the moment... luckily i got to see them last year, as i can't make it to Bristol tonight... oooh man, looks like i'm missing out on Urethra Franklin too