Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Dalek

Spaces Between - EP2 CDr

EP2 starts in beaty splashes, and chopped electronica akin to a Piano Magic toy box raid… cute robotic pads n hydraulic sweeps all synched up, producing cloudless skies... swallow-like guitars drifting on those thermals...

The riffery here is gorgeously buoyant. Simple chords looped over themselves expanded through fazer vapours or thrown out in delayed traceries... full of gazery goodness…slow burns with the heady aroma of yellow fields and sun baked concrete...

Reminds me of Constellation's Hangedup in parts, that sequenced composite/machine percussion I suppose, but this is way more hammock slung... even when everything goes distorted the vibe remains deliciously strung out... winning you over with a budding optimism, a gradual brightening of possibilities, implanting a seed that’s simply left to germinate in hazy recollections and joyful cardiographs.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Team Brick - I am always bird, only bird CDr

Kick started literally, throat scrapings and gargles ensue in the body comedy tradition of Sudden Infant… the odd flicker of guitar with vocal strangulations, the vibe is fragmentary at the start, full of abstract snapshots...

Then, in come the mental blisters, pure kamikaze noise... a Yamatsuka Eye breakfast bar... explosive, full of sharp edges. A teasing of tune begins to peer through the head-whisk of pan-fried electronics and kick boxed drums, chord changes squirted through loose fillings, struggling for a foot hold. Rampaging robots are all over it with genocidal zeal, zapping fleeing whispers with their bad attitudes...

Surviving strands pick through the fallout and dental excavations, build up a bag-piped coda, until a pleasing pulse emerges victorious, a loose doomic spread affixed to a sycamore spin... a melody licking its wounds... added guitar, falling out of the smarting valve action in a punch drunk haze...

Short and undeniably sweet, this captures Matt's live dexterity perfectly, right down to the ember frazzled finish. If you're not lucky enough to see him ply his wares live, this is definitely the next best thing.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Miro Tasseomancy

Joey Chainsaw - Worshipping at the Jewel Terrace

Like the tonal landslides of James Ferraro, but straight in there with the goods, there's plenty of psychic torque in the abrasion, Joey's trademark phantoms, EVP whorls and crammed misalignments feeding your head with their otherworldly glow. The primitive lustres therein, unfurling like the Kali arms of some exasperated ecstasy, transmitting a multi-layered noise a kin to those occultist explorations Boyd Rice used to favour before he got all wordy. The experience, an intense but strangely jubilant one that has you clinging to super-glued keyboards (Zodiac Toys-esque), or reeling from incisory and scorched totem.... repeated immersions unlocking new impressions over its forty eight minutes...corrosion for our gloss obsessed age.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


does anybody fancy supplying some musick for my kaleidoscope krystals?

Friday, March 05, 2010

The Tiger Lillies

at Swindon Arts Centre - 4th March

With mouth and eyes glowing Lucifer red, the front man sang tales of bitter-sweet comedy with a high body count. The abundant tunes sometimes ran rapid or sank into sultry Parisian type ditties that burned like slow decomposition under the jade lighting. The sinister front man, with a keen alto voice, took up piano / accordion duties. He was ably backed by double-bass, musical saw and a jolly fall-guy behind a child's rickety drum-kit.

Plenty of laughter ensued , The Crap Song was a particular high point, with the one about Banging in the nails (especially for any devoted Christian types in attendance), being a riot of Pythonesque proportions… the drummer's kit strewn around his feet as he flailed it to death with crazy plastic hammers… squeezing tears of laughter from the hugely appreciative audience. The Weeping Chandelier was a strange ballad… a lonely girl befriending acrobatic bats, knitting them sweaters as they danced amongst the stars, living in a dump then marrying royalty... one by one, each of the accumulated characters coming to very grisly ends with the girl finally dying of a broken heart.

All in all, there was a pleasant feeling of inclusion between performers and crowd, as if everybody there was in on a wild series of gags to which the rest of the outside world was simply oblivious. Hugely recommended especially if you’re of a melancholic disposition or a touch suicidal.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Classwar Karaoke 0009

The ninth instalment of Classwar Karaoke hit the internet over the weekend, the biggest and best yet... whispering psychosis, jazzy tooth extractions and the odd noisy meltdown... unsettling ambiences suckling on luminous ruin...